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Services & Shop Rates



Betts Equipment has a full service shop, we Service the Products & Brands that we sell.


Shop Hours are Monday-Friday 8:30 am -4:30 pm only.


Equipment must be dropped off during any normal business hours.


All Repairs are billed based on Parts, Material, & Labor.


We have no indoor Storage Available for Mowers or Tractors.


Please Call to Schedule your Winter Overhauls and Spring Tune-Ups in Advance.


Unscheduled Service or Repair will add turn around time to repair.


Standard Shop Rates as of 5/1/2010:

Rates subject to change without notice, and may vary depending on individual situation.


Labor Rate: $92.50/Hour/Mechanic plus shop fees.

Minimum Shop Charge: $30.00

Service Calls: $125.00/Hour


Pickup/Delivery: $85.00 plus any toll. Local Delivery Only. Please call for quote.


Chain Sharpening:


All chains dropped off for Sharpening MUST BE PREPAID.

Chain Sharpening Charges (Chain off saw) $10.00

Additional Chain Sharpening Charges:

Chain on Saw Add: $5.00

Cut Rakers Add: $5.00

Remove Burrs Add: $5.00

Repair Chain Link Add: $10.00/link

Carbide Chain: $50.00 and up.


Mower Blade Sharpening: $8.00/ea. Plus additional surcharge on badly worn blades

Tire repair for most Lawn Mower Tires $25.00 plus Materials, price may vary depending on size/difficulty

Tire or Battery disposal $10.00ea

Oil disposal (uncontained only, no fuels, solvents, nor other chemicals): $1.00/qt.

Rates subject to change without notice, and may vary depending on individual situation.




UPS Shipping & Handling Charges: We charge UPSís Basic Rate/per lb. Plus a Handling Fee.A 1 lb package shipped Ground would cost about $10 and increase proportional to weight. COD, Air Service, and special handling, Additional Charges apply. We do not Ship any Hazardous Materials, including: paints, oils, batteries or solvents


Maintenance Tips:


Save costly repairs by doing routine maintenance to your machine.

Bad gas, Dirty filters and Dull Blades, basic maintenance can prevent future problems. So Change Oil and Filters per hours recommended by manufacturer, if in doubt every 25 hours.Donít leave old gas sitting in carburetor, if the machine is equipped, turn off gas and let machine use up gas is carburetor.Fresh gas always works better, and we highly recommend that you always use a fuel stable additive to you gas regardless of how long it sits around. Beautiful lawns are cut with sharp blades; commercial cutters sharpen every 4-8 hours.Ever get that white sheen across your lawn, thatís dull blades tearing not cutting the grass off. Donítí forget to Lube, while many of todayís machines have maintenance free spindles and sealed bearings, there are often several grease points on your machine that need lubrication, if you canít figure out from the owners manual ask us.Belts need tensioning, cables need adjusting, steering needs tightening, things like these can make big differences in performance and can often be done with a little reading and some mechanical ability, if not these are the some of the things we would do during a winter/spring tune-up.Questions? E-mail the



Please Note:


We only Service the Brands that we sell, only our most popular line are listed, if you do not see your brand here, please call first. NO Craftsman, Yardman, Lawn Boy, or Chain Store Brands. We all recommend that you take your Equipment to an Authorized Dealer for the Brand being serviced.All Safety devices or safety related items must be repaired as part of any repair service. All repairs are based on Parts, Materials, Services and Labor.


While the manufacturer may warrant the good sold to the customer, we make no warranties, expressed or implied, including and implied warranties of the merchantability or fitness, with respect to such good.We are not responsible for loss or damage in case of fire, theft or any other cause beyond our control.


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