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Betts Equipment, Inc. is a Full Line Authorized Sales & Service Dealer for Stihl with over 20 years experience selling and servicing Stihl Equipment. We stock most common models, accessories, and replacement parts.Our factory trained sales & service staff will make sure you receive the best in service before and after you purchase your Stihl.We will gladly help you select the right Stihl Tool for your job. Please Visit the Stihlís web page for Models and Specifications. We honor all of Stihlís Promotional Offers and Sale Prices.Please stop by our Showroom and put your hands on the worldís largest selling chain saw brand. Remember from Leaf Blowers, Trimmers, Brushcutters, Cut-off Saws to Hedge Clippers, Betts Equipment and Stihl have you covered.All new Stihl Products purchased include Set-up, Servicing, and Instruction.


Stihl Incorporated prohibits mail/internet sales; All Stihl Power Units must be serviced and then received by purchaser in person for instruction.


Come in and see:Stihl Brand Pruning tools. Professional Axes, Loppers, Pruning Saws, Pole Saws & Sheers.



We can make Stihl Chain Loops for just about any Brand Chain Saw.

We Stock Stihl Rapid Super Chain for our Professional Cutters.

Carbide Chain is available on Select Models.

Donít forget to Stock up on Stihl Engine and Bar Oil, we offer case discounts.

Safety Apparel is a Must, Helmets, Safety Shirts, Boots and Pants.


Saw Tips:


Stihl offers and we stock FREE chain saw safety manuals, available in English and Spanish Language.


Cut Chips not dust, a good sharp chain makes all the difference.When you saw is cutting chips your chain is generally sharp and doing the work like it should, but when the chips start turning to saw dust it means that your chain is dull and should be sharpened or changed to a sharp one.Remember the longer you cut with a dull chain, the duller the chain gets, the more you have to cut the chain back to get it sharp, the more work the saw and operator have to do, and the more wear and tear on your saw. Saw dust also gets up into the air filter and clogs up the saws breathing and packs up into the drive.

Speaking of air filters, did you know that many of Stihlís air filters can be cleaned with water and a mild household detergent, just make sure the filter is dry and there are no holes you can see through before you put it back on the saw.

Cutting Rainbows, or is the chain pulling to one side, the chain is dull on one side giving you bad cuts.


Safety and common sense are necessities when sawing wood, it is so easy to get hurt cutting that you really have to take deliberate steps to complete your cutting with out accidents.Know your saw, READ YOUR OPPERATORS MANUAL!!! The operatorís manual is full of helpful hints and recommendations. Know your surroundings, make sure your work area is safe, note any obstacles, make sure your felling area is clear, clear any debris and vines from the wood, and make sure that there are no kids or people that donít belong in your working area.If youíre working by yourself always let someone know where you are and when you will be back. Use proper cutting techniques and proper saw holding as show in your operatorís manual.We also have free chain saw safety manuals available.Never operate a chain saw when medicated, fatigued or impaired in any way.Remember when you start getting tried itís time to stop, most accidents happen when you hurry up and try to finish the job when your getting tired.


We highly recommend using safety apparel:Helmets, Hearing Protection, Safety boots, and Chain Saw Protective Pants/Chaps and Shits.They may seem expensive or cumbersome, but one trip to the emergency room may be to late to change your mind. We Stock Stihl Safety Apparel.


Fresh fuel mix will make all the difference.Todayís gasoline will only stay fresh for about 25 days, fuel stable will help prolong the life of the fuel and prevent damage by the fuel to your equipment.Yes that little bit of gas will ruin your carburetor, so we recommend that if you donít plan on using your saw, donít leave the gas sitting in it.Dump gas from the fuel tank back into you can (or even your carís gas tank, a little oil wonít hurt the car) then start and run the saw dry. Regular unleaded gas is ok; we recommend hi-test because they ďplayĒ with it less and less chance of bad gas in the long run.The most important thing is to avoid alcohol in the gas, it separates from the mix and runs the saw without oil:your saw will take off and run like a banshee for a minute or so before the saw blows up.


Keeping your saw if fit shape is more than fresh gas a sharp chain and a clean filter. Every time you replace a chain, flip the bar over for even wear. Always use a Bar & Chain Lubricating Oil type oil for your bar and chain, it has a special clinging agent that keeps the oil on the chain and gets it to the sprocket tip and the bottom of the bar, motor oil will fling off before it can do any good. Check your drive sprocket regularly, the outside are hardened, but once the chain starts digging a grove into the sprocket they wear quickly, then start damaging your chains. Keep your chain adjust properly; with the chain brake off, you should be able to pull the chain around the bar with your hand (careful not to cut yourself) but the chain should be tight enough that the drive teeth are not hanging down from the bottom of the bar and fully visible.


All Stihl saw and most other bands today are equipped with a Chain Brake, Stihlís is an Inertia Chain Brake and can active and put the brake on automatically if the saw gets enough of a jolt.If the brake activates the chain will stop going around, failure to disengage the brake before continuing (revving the saw with the brake on) will quickly get very hot and start melting the saw, so if for any reason the saw stops cutting, check the chain brake first.


Donít ever be afraid to ask for advise or help, just make sure your talking to a professional that knows what he/she is talking about.Remember, some jobs are too big/too difficult to handle all by yourself


The only luck in Chain Sawing is the Luck you make by doing it right.



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